Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sports betting !!!

According to a survey of Internet Explorer, "Google " Macedonians are world champions in sports betting. Experts explained that gambling is highest in countries with high unemployment, where people hope with betting will become richer, in twenty to three hundred denars payment thousand profit. This offer sports betting across the country for those who want a quick and easy way to earn a penny. From fооtball, basketball, handball, to formula, hockey, tennis, dog races have a choice of games from different sports. Betting offices offer various kinds of game to guess how to complete a match, how many goals will fall as you finish first or second half. According to a survey of Internet search engine Google Macedonians are world champions in sports betting, a way to earn a penny coating. In the site behind Macedonia is England, Ireland, Majnmar, Mauritius, Australia, Costarica and South Africa and the Balkan countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. While according to the analysis of the American Journal Forbes that are behind the last year in November, forty percent of the country's population practices the game of chance. Citizens who often visited the bookmakers say betting tickets is for entertainment, but also a way to get to make money. Sports betting Center for Research and Policy several years ago made an analysis of betting in Macedonia. Most people who engage in this activity are young, but older and not far behind and they are often threatened by social economic status. The people who bet only 71.5% do so for economic reasons or due to lack of funds that are caused by the long transition or so. In most cases betting game and hobby entertainment people turn into a major preoccupation, that is one way through which you earn a living. The betting by those trying to forget the daily problems that afflict. It is no longer a game, it is no longer fun, it is no longer a time to derail us from everyday life in such a way, it is time that we practice what we serve, or the one who bet serve to crowd out those problems that faces who often have an existential nature. For me it is a fundamental distinction between gambling as entertainment and as a serious business. In Macedonia there are over 770 sports betting offices. According to the law for someone to open the betting must first obtain a license from the Ministry of Finance. So far they have issued licenses thirty, and the law allows for each license to open 24 betting places. The license costs 100 thousand euros, and the owner before you start a business account you must deposit a bank guarantee of 300 thousand euros,and initial capital of 200 thousand euros. Most people for betting is coming from 18 to 60 years. Most are betting on football, some are betting on hockey, tennis,dog races..., most betting is in football matches,Frequently bet is twenty denars, but there are some who put a few thousand, according to the betting analyst. The most paid for a weekend because it has the most matches. Someone paid one ticket, some five, some twenty depends. Betting analyst say everyone puts as much money as it is able to spend on a game of chance. The way that this works vice to call or betting this is the illusion that you can achieve a profit. While the bookmakers say they have the most gains when the matches will end in victory for the favorite, or as expected. Depends, so often when matches come out as expected there are gains, and when not to go to real people lose. Players say that so far has happened several times to get money.But lately gambling does not pay, mostly because they are the ones who lose. Financial benefits are greater for owners and the state, and much smaller for most citizens so they just lose, If this is seen from the aspect of the pros and cons that you may have, that is positive and the negative impact, negative impacts of the citizens can be much larger, as the loss of jobs, loss of property, as and psychological impact on family and even bankrupt for the larger drop.The problem is that the players depend on happiness and knowledge of sports and teams who bet and it is difficult to make a profit. If viewed from this aspect of the professionals that you may have, that is positive and the negative impact, negative impacts of the citizens can be much larger, as the loss of jobs, loss of material goods. Good for the economy to have employment in that direction, but the state still needs catered to and the sources for the ownership structure, channels of control. What you think is good or bad for Macedonia to betting?


blaack said...

For young people it is ideal way to get "easy" money but I don't think it's good thing . Many people lose a lot of money there and they start drinking or something worse .

August 3, 2011 at 1:43 AM
blorriepoes said...

yep i've had this myself, but i got work now so its all steady!

August 4, 2011 at 1:50 AM
Dude T.A said...

Dont even bother with betting, you may win once, and thats all it takes for you to become addicted and soon you get into bad habits.

August 6, 2011 at 10:44 PM
|sªMª®µ said...

already won few bucks :D

August 27, 2011 at 7:45 PM

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